Mission & Vision

What is RisikoKlár’s MISSION?

Listen to the audio statement: 

RisikoKlár (pronounced RiskClear in English) is non-profit making and centers its mission around three overall goals:

  1. education
  2. prevention and
  3. empowerment.

RisikoKlár’s mission is to promote fact-based education and guidance towards a more holistic and deeper understanding of risks we find to be pervasive but unacknowledged. These risks sit at the core of our globally interconnected organizations and societies – like dormant volcanoes – their power remains underestimated, unaddressed and often neglected.

RisikoKlár aims at equipping citizens and organizations with the means to understand and harness:

  • the value of collaboration,
  • concerted effort and
  • mutual respect and support.

These are rather found at the opposing end to the current widespread and unquestioned competitive stance which causes many of the risks and fraud incidences we are witnessing and paying for.  We pay as taxpayers, as employees, as consumers, as experts and leaders. But these risks do not stop at the front door, they shape our expectations and our interactions within the communities, our families and they impact future generations of citizens and leaders, as well as our way of interacting with the environment and any other living being.

What is underpinning the Mission?

Risk and fraud education are all too often fragmented, highly specialized, costly and limited. Access to information, in order to gain an understanding of what is often complex, multi-layered and appears to be remote, is limited to an exclusive elite of experts.

Many citizens, employees, smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and even large corporations have been seen lost in a net of power dynamics, in-fighting over positions, roles and budgets – focused on short-term bonuses and shareholder value.
This has been leaving the actual risk management rather un-managed or possibly equally worse, buried under layers of policies and committees just to be effectively rendered unmanageable. Citizens feel that experts are over-valued or misplaced, that their own voices are not heard or insufficiently considered and that risk and fraud incidences remain unresolved or even a growing issue.

What is RisikoKlár’s VISION?

RisikoKlár’s vision is to empower individuals and organizations in the handling, understanding, and management of risks by enabling everyone to see beyond the borders of expertise, departments, budgets and power struggles.

In the current climate of fragmented governments, organizations and a widespread silo-mentality, the vision is to empower and educate towards a holistic perspective, a stronger sense of responsibility and accountability.

RisikoKlár wants to see many more citizens, employees, and leaders harness crowd-sourcing, collaboration, and holistic thinking by overcoming the barriers and walls of expert-silos and exclusion.

Re-engagement of every citizen, employee, and leader, in the processes of fact-based collective decision-making in order to tackle the risks and fraud that prevent us from thriving in a globalized world and endanger peaceful living and working are at the heart of this vision.

The long-term vision of peaceful and sustainable prosperity for responsible and accountable citizens and organizations is the underlying driver of RisikoKlár’s mission.

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