Participate: Call for Voices

RisikoKlár is currently looking for making more voices heard.  If you want to lend your voice – or your words – to the cause of raising fraud awareness and:

  • are interested in being interviewed for a brief audio statement on fraud (5-15 minutes recorded, see Audio for sample length, this can be Q&A or based on a few questions discussed up front),
  • OR are interested in guest-blogging (300-850 words),
  • wish to support fraud awareness and help shape the public perception,
  • believe that we need a diversity of voices, beyond experts and politicians,
  • know that sharing a well-informed view (objective, empathetic, fact-oriented) can make all the difference in stimulating thought,
  • think that fraud awareness needs community roots and a range of local voices,
  • want to see more public debate and engagement in order to have more engaged and aware citizens,

please get in touch via Contact for a meeting and/or further details.

If you hold a view on whistleblowing (internal) and raising concerns without going public (i.e. not leaking information to the press), your voice would also help to shape the public discourse.  Please do get in touch via Contact.

  1. The format of the audio interviews/recordings:
    You can be interviewed anonymously or with your name credited.
  2. If you wish to strengthen your statement with a guest post on this website, you are more than welcome (pseudonym or credited by name).

Please note that RisikoKlár does not accept donations in monetary form at this stage. Your contribution will be very valuable and help to make a difference, but no financial compensation can be offered.

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