Britta founded RisikoKlár in Iceland, and has been a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), awarded by the US-headquartered ACFE since early 2015. From 2005 onward, she worked and completed her studies in the UK, where she was awarded British university degrees: a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science with First-Class Honours in the Social Sciences (and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Research Methods).



Britta also holds professional qualifications in Quality Management (including TQM) and Auditing (internal and external), awarded in her native Germany.

Subsequent to working in London-based management support roles with the Commonwealth Secretariat (anti-corruption), Queen Mary University (conferences), Nuffield Foundation (grants), and BDO LLP (forensic accounting), she was headhunted several times. Her portfolio covers Wall Street Broker Dealer Sanford C. Bernstein in London (trade), Germany’s largest state lender and Switzerland’s Credit Suisse (both market risk management), as well as investment bank Barclays (risk governance) in London. Beyond these specialist roles, she has provided risk governance advice in Iceland and in the context of cross-border M&A within Sweden’s Klarna Group.

Britta is equipped with a holistic and unique set of insights and industry practices, observed from within and between risk management disciplines. Her passion is focused on risk mitigation by empowerment and regulatory compliance as a competitive advantage. She is particularly interested in conduct risk, risk ownership patterns (e.g. issues around 3LOD model, accountability, transparency, tone at the top, risk culture) and approaches linked to reputation and litigation risk. These complexities of the human factor tend to dominate businesses and operations, yet they remain among the most underacknowledged and misunderstood factors that can expose entire organizations to severe existential risks.

Britta’s in-depth understanding of risk management includes effective incentives and rewards, the dynamics of power, collective human behavior (and its adjustment & limitations) and the risks of siloed expertise. Her perspective is shaped by an understanding of increasingly common, ongoing and deeply disruptive structural change which tends to reinforce unhealthy risk management practices. She enhanced her skillset and knowledge by taking inter-disciplinary research, immersion and resulting consulting up to the macro level: in Iceland where exposure to risk is part of daily life, a considerable risk appetite deeply ingrained in the nation’s psyche and where openness to new and alternative voices and approaches have long been part of the culture.

She is a proponent of Creative Commons (see Copyright section for details as to how you may use and share her work) and Open Source Code – and of course crowdsourcing – and currently residing in Berlin, Germany,  looking forward to hearing from you via LinkedIn and Twitter, or the Contact section of this website.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just a short visit to this web site convinced me that I must follow it. I teach at a law school and will definitely include the link to RisikoKlár during my fraud lectures. Thank you very much for all the work you have done to make this and great place to obtain knowledge.


  2. Thank you for stopping by and for your positive feedback, I am very pleased to hear you find this repository useful and that you will share it with your students. That’s wonderful to know!


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