RisikoKlár combines the German term [das] Risiko (English: risk, Icelandic: hætta) and the Icelandic term klár (German: klar, bereit, English clear).  The German term klar includes a whole range of meanings such as bold, distinct, sure, obvious, evident, decided,

However, the Icelandic klár also means bright, smart, and prepared.  It has a further meaning which adds a different connotation to the combined term RisikoKlár, namely horse and workhorse (German: das Pferd or archaic das Ross, and das Arbeitspferd).  See Def.

Britta, Founder and Director of  RisikoKlár, is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), awarded by US-headquartered ACFE, who lives in Iceland.  She has worked and completed her studies in the UK, holding British university degrees (Master of Arts, Post-Graduate Diploma in Research Methods and Bachelor of Science with First-Class Honours in the Social Sciences) and relies on extensive professional experience.


Over a period of more than ten years in London, Britta successfully completed diverse assignments in research-related management, legal assistance as to anti-corruption, and committed to improving risk management in well over a demi-decade with major European banks.

Britta also holds professional qualifications in Quality Management (including TQM) and Auditing (internal and external), awarded in her native Germany.

Britta is a proponent of Creative Commons (see Copyright section for details as to how you may use and share her work) and Open Source Code.

Connect on LinkedIn  and  Twitter or get in touch via the Contact section of this website.



  1. Just a short visit to this web site convinced me that I must follow it. I teach at a law school and will definitely include the link to RisikoKlár during my fraud lectures. Thank you very much for all the work you have done to make this and great place to obtain knowledge.


  2. Thank you for stopping by and for your positive feedback, I am very pleased to hear you find this repository useful and that you will share it with your students. That’s wonderful to know!


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